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Hula Dancer
Hula Teaching Videos
Beginning Hula Videos

1) Basic Hula

2) Kawika

3) Lili'u E

4) Kalakaua

Intermediate Hula Videos

5) Po La'ila'i

6) These Islands

7) Green Rose Hula

8) 'Ula Noweo (sitting)

9) Holoholo Ka`a

10)Hanalei Moon

11) Aia La`O Pele

Advanced Hula Videos

12) Lanakila Ke Ka'ahi Ali'i

13) Eia Hawai'i (sitting)

14) Pua Lililehua

15) Ko Ma'i Ho 'eu 'eu

      Tahitian Teaching Videos

16) 'Ote'a Otamu Tahitian 

Beginning Hula Teaching Videos

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Basic Hula

Price: $40.00 • 1 Hour, 57 Minutes
Our Best Seller! This video is two hours of intensive instruction and demonstration covering 14 basic steps.

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Order and Download Video

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Sample Movie

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An intensive for authentic Steps and Posture
This is the distillation of over 60 years of collective learning and teaching experience by Kumu Kea and Manumele (Sandii). The collaboration of this master teacher and master dancer has produced the first complete visual and verbal road map allowing you to achieve the truly Hawaiian look in your hula dancing.

This video is two hours of intensive instruction and demonstration covering 14 basic steps. We talk it through, we demonstrate it muscle-by-muscle and we rehearse each of the steps we introduce. First we teach the underlying basic movements of the body in Hula. From there, we add each succeeding Hula step in order of difficulty and importance. We culminate with a Hula exercise section, using all the steps taught. Our instruction is very specific and very detailed. We teach the 'ai ha'a style of hula, characterized by a very deep bend of the knees and a continuous rolling of the feet.

Teacher: hula video spacer Kumu Kea (Pattye Kealohalani Wright)
Dancer:   Manumele (Sandii)
Level:   Beginner to Advanced
Language:   English
Artist:   Kumu Kea

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